The choice of the marathon pros

The saddle of the marathon pros combines maximum power, comfort and freedom of movement, directing the pressure precisely onto the pedal. The optimized relief channel in the sensitive perineal area, OrthoCell® inlays, AirCell® padding and special gliding flanks for quick changes of position also inspire world-class bikers.

  • The world class saddle
  • 100% power, 100% comfort
  • Prevents numbness

    Technical Specifications

    Name: SM Pro Men
    Dimensions: Length: 269 mm; Width: 144 mm
    Use: All-Mountain/Trail, Cross-Country/Marathon, MTB-Touring
    Weight: 235 g*

    Shell: Nylon Composite
    Rail: TiNox
    Cover: Microfiber
    Padding: Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell® Pads
    Gender: Men specific

    *Weights may vary in production.

    Men’s Health

    The Ergon development team carried out intensive research on the topic of men’s health. They found that the main cause of complaints when cycling is the saddle. Often times, men experience too much pressure on their perineal area leading to pain, discomfort, numbness and potentially more severe health problems. The SM Pro Men relieves this pressure with a very specific relief channel as well as better surface area distribution under the bony structures. Through MRT, CT analysis, many prototypes and test riders, we have ergonomically adjusted the saddle to the specific anatomy and needs of men.

    Position of a male pelvis in cross section showing the nerve tracts, bones and soft tissue, illustrating the relief of an Ergon saddle.

    More freedom of movement

    Compared to women, the male pelvis tends to be less flexible. This means that men sit more upright on the saddle and put more of their weight distribution on their sit bones. Therefore the transition area between the rear of the saddle and the saddle nose can be kept narrow (Y-shape). This gives the legs more space to pedal.

    Position of a male pelvis on a conventional bicycle saddle.

    Male and Female pelvic differences

    In contrast to the female anatomy, the male sit bones are more narrow and where the two sides of the pelvis come together in the front is much higher. This results in more pressure being distributed on the male’s sit bones vs. a broader area of sit bones and pubic bones in women. We have taken this significant difference between male and female anatomy into consideration during saddle development.

    Male pelvis with steep pubic skids.

    No pressure on sensitive areas

    The correct distribution of pressure is important. In order to protect the sensitive perineal area, the pressure must be shifted to the sit bones and parts of the pubic arch – this is exactly how the relief surface of Ergon men’s saddles works. Due to the more upright sitting male pelvis we have kept the surface flat and even for best possible freedom of movement. For the support we use the highest quality foams.

    Pressure measurement of the Ergon SM Men saddle.

    The right size

    The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

    The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance.

    The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.

    The saddle is available in the sizes “Small/Medium” for the seat bone with of 9 12 cm (3.5″–4.7″) and “Medium/Large” for the seat bone with of 12–16 cm (4.7″–6.3″).

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