Getting to know Dustin Troy Rudman!

    Who is … Dustin Troy Rudman

    So this Dustin Rudman character,  I could write a lot about him/me but to be fair that'll just make me sound vain, wink wink. I basically just love riding bikes, in any form, minus road bikes, that's scary. The main focus is enduro and downhill mountain biking. I'm as young as I am because of the riding and places I visit with my bike.

    You’ve entered and taken part in two EWS (Enduro World Series) stops this year, what is your biggest take away from the whole experience of riding and racing overseas and are you planning to do more?

    Yip, I had entered for two stops of the EWS but unfortunately had to cancel the Spain stop. One thing I can say is to enjoy the moment. Nothing is too hard to overcome. I was taught real perseverance while I was over that side and the level of riding you need to be at. I am definitely planning on doing more. Its got me hooked.

    Does fast happen in the legs or the head – which is more important in racing and riding?

    Fast happens as a whole. But quite honestly while I was over at the EWS my head kicked in strong. I think in my case the formula was strong head=strong legs=keep it tidy

    Your namesake event, The Dustin Rudman Invitational are must-do events on the Gauteng Gravity calendar - Did you ever think they’d be as popular and well received as they have been since doing the first one?

    I kinda had a gut feel towards it as things were pretty dry around Gauteng regarding gravity racing, but yes, never thought it'll get this popular. Super thankful and glad the DRI can put on a good show. 

    Are there any plans to utilise other venues for the DRI in the future or will it stay on the biggest little hill in the west - Helderkruin?

    I wondered when this question would pop up, there's definitely plans to utilise other venues, who knows what lies ahead, maybe December will have a surprise.

    Being an organiser, host and racer at the DRI’s - Is it hard to focus on the racing part when you are involved in so much more than just racing on the day?

    Honestly, it is, but I love it and wouldn't change it. For me, it's about keeping 120 odd people happy over the DRI weekends.

    Where’s your favourite place to ride?

    There are so many, if I had to choose one it'll be the holey trails. 

    What’s your favourite type of trail or track to ride?

    I really dig riding untouched trail.  So raw and full of surprises.  Kinda keeps you connected clearly.

    What rides/Races are on your bucket list?

    Definitely as many EWS races as I can. That's where the fun and real mountain bikings at. Crankworx Whistler as well as Crankworx Rotorua. 

    What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

    Being able to participate in a downhill world cup as well as an EWS. Another accomplishment I am proud of is being able to host an amazing event that is growing our awesome sport.

    What’s been your gnarliest crash?

    SA champs 3 years ago I think it was. Still battling with confidence after that one. Basically came over a drop, front wheel landed in the dirt, slipped out and landed flat into a berm. Nothing was broken but was winded so badly and had a concussion. Coughed up blood too. There is another crash but we won't talk about that one. 

    What bike are you riding right now?

    Right now I'm laying in bed, true story. I'm riding a Knolly Warden and a Kona Operator.