TAYA Chains

  • 11-SPEED
  • 1/2" x 5/64"


  • SRAM


  • Silver/Silver

Top Features of the Taya ONZE-111 11 Speed Chain
Surface hardness improved by up to 25% (over HK1800)
Increase thicker hardened layer by doubled at least
Minimize the wear of the gear group

Great shifting: 4-edges chamfered outer plates
Durable: DHT on main parts
Durable: Mud and water shed off
Quietness: Deep inner waist chamfer

MTB: Yes
Road: Yes

Diamond Hard Tech helps this chain to offer great shift quality without compromising on durability.

With Diamond Hard Tech one more revolutionary technology has been developed.
DHT provides the solidest hardened base with extreme hardness performance and self-lubrication feature.

To balance the durability of chain with other derailleur components is an essential task for derailleur parts makers. DHT hardened treatment does not affect the worn condition of cassettes and chainwheel and that friction-free lubrication helps shield away from the strain and wear on the drivetrain components.

Thanks to the excellent performance in anti-elongation, chain life has greatly increased based on the DHT advanced durability enhancing treatment.

DHT allows TAYA high-end products to compare with the branded chain products in the market with splendid performance in durability.