Race Face

By now we have all learned about the awesome chain retention benefits of Race Face Narrow Wide chainrings. Now Race Face is going a step beyond by offering their popular Narrow Wide ring in a durable steel option. Built to outlast, this hard-wearing and corrosion resistant steel direct mount ring has a lifespan that is measured in years not months.


  • Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention
  • Attaches as part of the RF Cinch system (using common Park BBT-22 bottom bracket tool) - allowing to switch between DM rings/spiders with ease
  • Hard-wearing steel with a corrosion inhibiting coating
  • Offers identical chainlines to existing aluminum chainrings and can be "flipped"
  • Compatible for 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed.


  • Color: BLACK
  • Built For: XC/Trail/AM/DH
  • Weight: 158g (32T)
  • Compatible With: Race Face cranks with CINCH System Interface
  • Size: 32T