OneUp Components

Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and make the process of changing out chainrings much simpler

  • Quick Change allows chainring replacement in less than a minute with only a 4mm allen key. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns and unlock the ring by rotating it 20 degrees and then pull it off the crank. Reverse these steps to install a new chainring.
  • Regular chainline = 49mm
  • Boost chainline = 52mm
  • Super Boost chainline = 56.5mm
  • Shimano chainline is determined by the crankset
  • Arm x BCD: 4xSwitch
  • Compatibility: Compatible with M9100, M8100 & M7100 series cranks and non-series MT900-1
  • Color: black