As modern Trail rims are being designed wider, standard tyre casing widths available today are not providing the traction advantage that the rim designers are aiming to achieve. The Minion DHR II Wide Trail bridges this gap by providing the exceptionally grippy and fast rolling tread pattern found on the Downhill version of this tyre, with the weight and added width advantages perfectly suited to Trail riding. With side knobs borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF, but widened to provide more support, the DHR II corners like no other. The centre tread features ramped knobs to improve acceleration and sipes to create a smooth transition when leaning the bike. Paddle-like knobs on the centre tread dig in under hard braking and help keep the bike under control.

A Balanced Trail Tyre: Speed and Grip

The use of a bespoke 3C Maxx Terra compound will increase the traction in fast corners when the competition is sliding out. Designed to bridge the gap between the fast rolling 3C MaxxSpeed and the super soft 3C MaxxGrip compounds, the Minion DHR II Wide Trail combines the best of both compounds, making it the perfect solution for a wide variation of Trail conditions.

We recommend running this front AND/OR rear. 


  • Excellent braking and cornering traction
  • 3C Maxx Terra Compound
  • Tubeless Ready (TR) Casing
  • EXO sidewall protection
  • 885g weight [26" x 2.4"]


Advanced Tyre Construction

Puncture Protection