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Only Knolly Fourby4 suspension can achieve balance in all four of these categories with no compromise. We can build the bike to deliver the exact ride experience desired which means our bikes are some the best performance full suspension bikes on the market.



The rear triangle pivots determine the rear wheel axle path and the anti brake jack characteristics of the frame.  The chainstay pivot placement means the brakes do not lock up the suspension.

The linkage pivots are isolated from the rear wheel axle path and they are directly responsible for the progressive nature of the rear suspension. For more tech nerdy info on our Fourby4 check out our suspension page.



+Rear Travel: 135mm or 5.31"

+Wheel Size & Max Width: 29" x 2.6"

+Dropout/Hub Spec: 157 x 12mm axle, DT rear QR, axle 205.3 / 176.3 long, 1.0 thread pitch.axle included. All dimension here

+Headset: 44mm upper & 56mm lower

+Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm

+Post Collar: Size 35.0mm

+Seatpost insertion depth: 280+mm

+170/175mm dropper post will fit most riders

+6066 series hydroformed alloy frameset

+Low stress pivot locations rotate on new long lasting premium BLACK IGUS bushings

+Internal cable routing with Di2 battery compartment

+Industry leading geometry - Long reach, Low bb height and standover

+Front Derailleur: E-type direct mount

+Dual ring compatible

+Chainguide Tabs: ISCG05 (removable)

+BB Shell Spec: 73mm / threaded

+Chainline: 55-57 with 56.5mm optimal

+Rear Brake Tabs: Post mount 160mm

+Two geometry settings allow you to fine-tune your ride experience

+Bottle mounts will fit a bottle even with  a reservoir shock 


Cranks and BB for the Fugitive

With our new 157TRAIL rear end the chainline on the Fugitive and Fugitive LT is in the 55-57mm range with 56.5mm being optimal. There are a number of ways to get cranks to fit our frames so here are some helpful facts:

  • SRAM's DUB system is available in two different versions, regular and SB+. Both versions work on Knolly’s 157 bikes (AKA Gen 5 bikes). The SB+ version has a bottom bracket, cranks and chainring combination that works as a perfect system. The SB+ crank is different than their regular crank via a longer axle necessitating the use of a wider spacer between the bottom bracket and crankset. The regular version fits onto a Knolly like any other 73mm BB width bike but you have to switch to a zero offset chainring (see below). There is less clearance with a regular crankset resulting in less chainring options, tradeoff is a narrower Q-factor. All DUB BB's are the same.

  • A standard SRAM crank with a zero offset chainring - One-Up and Chromag both have a great option - will work but it does limit the largest ring size on the front to 32t.

  • A Raceface direct mount crank with a flipped direct mount ring will work with a all drivetrains except for Shimano 12spd. Raceface rings come with a 3mm offset so when the ring is removed and flipped it becomes a -3mm offset and the chainline works on Knolly’s 157 bikes. For a 1x system you can run a flipped ring on the Next SL, Next R, and Turbine cranks with a 134mm axle, or the Atlas and SIXC with the 136mm axle, or the Aeffect and Ride Cinch cranks with 137mm axle. Race Face rings cannot be flipped to run a Shimano 12spd Hyperglide Plus system. A Next R and Turbine R crankset requires a 143.5mm axle with Race Face’s Shimano 12spd 0 offset specific chainring. For a 2x system you can run the Next SL, Next R or Turbine with a 143mm axle and a Boost spider.  Helpful graphic for chainline

  • Shimano offers their cranks in a 157 specific design on the XTR, XT, SLX, and Deore level cranksets. Shimano indicates a 157 crank with the number ‘30’ in the last two digits of their part number. XTR uses 9130, XT 8130, SLX 7130, Deore 6130. All chainring sizes clear on the 157 crank. The 157 cranks offer a 56.5 chainline. The XTR 9130 crank offers a 171 Q-factor while the XT 8130, SLX 7130, and Deore 6130 cranks provide a 181 Q-factor. The XT 8120, SLX 7120, and Deore 6120 crank can also be used for a 55mm chainline and 178mm Q-factor, the ‘20’ series is commonly known as a Boost 148 crank.

  • FSA has 5 different MTN cranks that work with our 157TRAIL rear. Their system is very simple - you simply move one spacer from between the crank and the spider to between the spider and the BB to provide the right chainline. 

Fork offset for the Fugitive

Recently there has been a lot of talk about fork offset in the bike industry. The simple truth is that you can run either offset on our Fugitive (or any bike) - you just need to understand how the bike will ride with a shorter or longer offset fork. 

  • With a longer offset (51mm) the bike corners better in tight singletrack and has slightly quicker handling but it gives up a bit of stability at high speed. 

  • In the shorter offset (42 to 44) the bike is more raked out so it is more stable and performs better at high speeds but in tech climbs, switchbacks, and slower stuff, the bike is a bit more to get around and the front end can feel floppy. 

  • Depending on travel, a shorter offset will change the wheelbase between 5-7mm which amounts to an almost insignificant half a percent (0.5%) of the total wheel base.

As with all geometry changes, advantages in one area are achieved at the sacrifice elsewhere. Fork offset is a simply another tool/adjustment for riders to customize the handling of the bike to suit their riding style and the terrain they ride. 

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