TAYA Chains

In 2012, three dream makers rode bicycles to travel from Beijing to Rome. This bike challenge took 7.5 months and covered more than 15,000 kilometer across 13 countries.

We believe that outdoor activities are not only for being a champion, but also for reaching your potential and achieving the extraordinary dreams.
No matter what you are riding, whether it’s a heavy duty trekking bike chain, persevering spirit of triathlon bike chain, mountain bike chain, lightweight bike chain, or city bike with stylish colour chain.

As the best partner on transmission system, TAYA Chain always encourages you to enjoy a great adventure and remind you to have a sense of humour!

Since 1969, TAYA Group is the world’s leading chain manufacturer
TAYA Group inherited the bicycle chain and motorcycle chain division from Tsubaki Chain CO.
(Japanese enterprise). From production line to quality assurance, we have taken the serious and precise measurements for nearly half century.

Developing the next generation and market driven product
As a R&D pioneer in transportation industry, TAYA Group invested 16 million USD on research and development expense in the last decade:
  1. Production: TCPS automatic production system, the yearly capacity of bike chain is up to 24 million pieces.
  2. Exclusive Product: With more than 100 patented product design worldwide, as well as the functional treatment like GST anti-rust treatment at auto industry level for high-end bike parts.