Two wheel passion since 1906

iXS is part of the internationally active hostettler Group. It all began in 1906, more than 100 year ago, when in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, a family owned repair shop for bicycles and motorcycles was opened that was to become today's diversified Hostettler Group. The foundations for today’s activities were laid with the formation of Hostettler AG in 1957. In the meantime the company has developed into a diverse company with over a dozen innovative subsidiaries and more than 500 employees.

A crucial step in the company’s over one hundred years of commercial activity was taken in 1968 when Hostettler was appointed general importer of YAMAHA motorcycles for Switzerland. Hostettler Autotechnik AG was founded just four years later in 1972. Intercycle followed in 1979, the iXS brand in 1979 as well, and Hostettler Motoren AG in 1987. 

The founding of Hostettler gmbh in Germany in 1991 signalled a new forward-looking step towards the European Union, while the creation of Cosmosport in 1998 demonstrated flexibility and openness in the market for new in-trend sports. In 2001 iXS the sports division (bike) was launched, signalling a new era of mountain bike apparel and protective gear development, built on a century-long passion for all things two-wheeled.

And the successfull story continues with the aquisition of bicycle & equipment distribtion specialist Sports Nut GmbH in 2014, based in Kirchentellinsfurt Germany and the mail order company Bike Mail Order (BMO) in 2016, based in Berlin - Germany.

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